Google releases Pixel Slate – Chrome OS tablet

What it is, or at least what it appears to be, is Google’s stab at joining the market niche that Microsoft has been busy carving out with the tablet branch of its Surface line, translated via the company’s own predominantly online computing lens. It’s a Chromebook in a tablet form factor, turbocharged and spiced up, something for work and for play, but not necessarily something which is going to replace either a dedicated tablet or a full-blown PC. And Google really has got a lot of things right – but there’s a lot lacking, too.

Our review model is the £969 Intel Core i5 edition, sporting a not-unreasonable 128GB of storage and 8GB RAM; you can go as low as the £549 model, which implements a wholly-inadequate Intel Celeron and a paltry 4GB RAM, or splash out on the extravagant Core i7, 16GB RAM edition at a rather hopeful £1,549. Once you’ve taken the nigh-essential Pixel Slate Keyboard into account (another £189) and considered the non-essential but somewhat transformative Pixelbook Pen (£99), that’s a very large investment.

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